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Amazonite Gemstone Ring 925 Silver Handmade Natural Ethnic Ring Jewelry


Product Details

  • 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Ring
  • Metal Plating- Silver
  • Gemstone - Amazonite
  • Gemstone Type - Faceted
  • Stone Color - Sky Blue
  • Stone Setting- Bezel
  • Purity - 925
  • Weight - 0.98 grm
  • SKU: RCR-315
  • CATEGORY: Ring
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This Amazonite Ring features a stunning amazonite gemstone set in sterling silver, exuding natural beauty. The soothing blue-green hues evoke feelings of calmness and harmony, promoting emotional healing and balance. Amazonite is associated with truth and communication, making this ring perfect for enhancing self-expression and clarity. Elevate your style with this exquisite Amazonite Ring, a serene accessory for embracing inner tranquility and authenticity.


  • The image is taken of the actual item per item.
  • The size is a guide small errors may occur.
  • Because it is a natural stone, there may be small chips, dents, distorted parts, and cracks.
  • We try to make the colors as natural as possible, but the colors displayed may differ depending on your display environment.

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