Chlorite Quartz, the quartz included or coated with chlorite, is one of nature’s most therapeutic elements. Ones with green chlorite inclusions, that is, Green Chlorite quartz, are quite popular compared to cream or brown inclusions. Often found in countries like Nepal, India, and Brazil, Green Chlorite Quartz have glassy or pearl luster. Their green hue and smooth texture make them look foliated.

Speaking of chlorite, it is derived from the Greek word chloros, meaning green. It is referred to as the common color of the crystal. However, in reality, it is a silicate material. Chlorite occurs in phantom forms. It deposits on the surface of the quartz and later expands to form a green ghost crystal within the quartz.

Crystal Properties of Green Chlorite Quartz

Grade Chlorite Quartz or stones are rated as 2 to 3 on the scale of hardness. Their gauziness varies from transparent to translucent.

Based on the color and their luster, they are classified into three groups of grades, that is, Extra Grade, A Grade, and B Grade. The Extra Grade’s stones are beautiful green in color, have high luster, and are opaque with less than 25% matrix. A Grade’s stones are beautifully green, have moderate luster, and are opaque with a 25% to 50% matrix. Lastly, B Grade’s stones are poor green in color, have maximum luster, and are opaque with a matrix of 50% or above.

What Are The Benefits Of Green Chlorite Quartz

  • Physical Benefits

Green Chlorite is the jewel in the crown. They are powerful healing stones and are widely harnessed in the process of Crystal Healing. The best part is they purify and detox the physical state of individuals, thus making them feel serene and healthy. They also promote better heart health.

  • Emotional Benefits

When used in the form of meditation or crystal healing, Green Chlorite Quartz can stamp out our negative energies and thoughts. Additionally, they boost energy connections and keep you connected with your emotions, thus mitigating the elements of anxiety and anger in you. Interestingly, the right use of these stones also encourages the essence of forgiveness among humans.

Spiritual Benefits

Green Chlorite Quartz not only benefits the physical body but also offers spiritual well-being to the human mind. They are best known for cleansing the aura and chakras. Besides, they can unblock your energy meridians by unleashing your old or new emotional wounds.

You can cherry-pick Green Chlorite Quartz if you yearn to enhance your sense of self-awareness and have an enlightened view of life. In short, these stones can be your treasure trove for finding the better version of yourself in your journey of life.

How Can You Use Green Chlorite Quartz?

Being hard, Green Chlorite Quartz makes a good choice for jewelry. You can embrace the beauty and healing power of the stones in the form of long-lasting earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. Sometimes, they are also put into use in combination with Swarovski crystals or pearls for extra sizzles. The pro tip to the care of your Green Chlorite Quartz whether in the form of jewelry or a fine stone is to avoid it from direct heat or sunlight and use an ultrasonic cleaner to maintain its gloss.

Only the Himalayan mountains of India are home to green chlorite quartz, a unique variation of crystalline quartz. The Himalayan Mountains are a popular spiritual site for meditation and prayer, primarily visited by Tibetan Buddhists who live and study Buddhist scriptures on a daily basis. Those who visit the Himalayas are said to be overwhelmed by its sheer scale, which puts you in perspective of how minor your troubles are. It conducts and transmits the earth's warm, loving energy, as well as deeply activating the heart chakra.

Benefits of Using Green Chlorite Quartz:

Strong relationships benefit from the use of chlorite quartz crystal, which can foster the love and passion of a new romance and the united hearts of cohabiting partners. Green chlorite samadhi quartz has the potential to bring family members closer, bringing love and joy into their lives. Additionally, it fosters strong friendships and aids in the selection of suitable business partners. Use them to attract love, create balance, and promote good communication and understanding. Green chlorite and samadhi quartz can help with perfect relationships with angels and animal totems. Himalyaquartz is renowned as the world's best supplier of all types of quartz and gems. Choose the perfect quartz and gemstones with the guidance of our team of experts. 

The "Himalayan Chlorite Quartz" initiative consistently strives to deliver our products, services, and other amenities to your doorstep with ease. Therefore, the sole purpose of this organization is to bring valuable stones to people all over the world. Our company deals only in 100% natural, untreated, and best-quality gemstones, which include aesthetic spiritual stones as well as stones for designer jewelry. Chlorite quartz is also known as the 'quartz of compassion', and its natural home is the heart chakra, which itself is green in color when viewed on the etheric body. When we are close to nature, do we naturally feel closer to ourselves and others?