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Connect with Your Inner Self with White Apophyllite

Found in countries like India, Canada, Brazil, the United States and Germany, white apophyllite belongs to the zeolite mineral group. Typically white or colorless, this secondary mineral is also found in shades of yellow, pink, green, and silver. It forms when other minerals break down and release silica and calcium into the surrounding environment. The mineral is often found in veins within larger rocks and the cavities of volcanic formations. Available in prismatic crystalline structure, the mineral often forms pyramidal or tabular crystals.

Mineral Overview

  • Chemical formula: KCa4Si8O20
  • Mohs hardness: 4.5 to 5
  • Composition: Hydrous calcium potassium fluoro-hydroxyl-silicate
  • Color: White, colorless, green, gray, rarely pink, brown, red, orange and purple
  • Streak: White
  • Crystal system: Tetragonal
  • Specific gravity: 2.3-2.4
  • Transparency: Transparent to translucent
  • Cleavage: 1, 1
  • Luster: Greasy to vitreous and pearly on the cleavage surfaces
  • Tenacity: Brittle
  • Fracture: Uneven
  • Other ID marks: occasionally white or fluorescent yellow
  • Rock type: Ingenous

Meaning and Spiritual Effects of White Apophyllite

White apophyllite is a powerful crystal that can elevate your intuitive potential and help you use your spiritual side best. Wearing a white apophyllite crystal can help you experience clarity and calmness by clearing clear negative energy from an individual’s aura. The spiritual and other healing effects of white apophyllite include:

  • It helps you stay grounded and in perfect tune with your higher self.
  • White apophyllite is particularly useful in cleansing and balancing the Crown chakra.
  • It helps release suppressed emotions, thus promoting emotional clarity.
  • The stone also encourages you to let go of anxieties and fears, thus enhancing emotional balance and peace.
  • You can also use it to promote better sleep and heal respiratory problems like asthma.

Caring for Your White Apophyllite

Take a soft brush or cloth to wipe dirt or dust gently when cleaning your white apophyllite stone. Place it under the moonlight or sunlight for some time to keep it energetically charged.

Now that you have a clear idea about white apophyllite and its healing powers wear this versatile stone as jewelry and enrich your life with its exclusive vibrations and energies. To find the best collection of white apophyllite jewelry, contact us today.