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What is Chalcedony Apophyllite?

Apophyllite is a kind of mineral in the Phyllosilicate family. The term derives from the Greek phrase 'flake off'. Apophyllite is commonly white but can also be blue, green, yellow, pink, or colorless. It is claimed to relax the mind and eliminate evil thoughts. The chalcedony apophyllite is a stunning stalactitic Chalcedony Healing Crystal adorned with a glittering Quartz Druze and gemmy Apophyllite crystals.

Apophyllite Healing Properties and Benefits

  • Chalcedony Apophyllite links with and clears the pineal gland, which regulates our sleep patterns, and when paired with its calming energy, it effectively treats anxiety and sleep issues. These rare Chalcedony stalactites vibrate at a high frequency, opening both the Crown and Upper Crown Chakras, allowing pure white light to enter the body, perhaps for more experienced users.
  • Patience and Calmness - Apophyllite in purple, white, black, blue, and indigo types promotes tolerance, patience, peace and calm by opening the Crown and Third Eye chakras. The most effective technique to utilise Apophyllite for patience is to hold it between your palms and meditate for a few minutes.
  • Energy and Healing - Chalcedony Apophyllite in red, yellow, and orange is most effective for weariness, energy, malnutrition, and physical recovery. They open the root, solar plexus, and sacral chakras. Hold your Apophyllite at a safe distance in front of a lighted fire to activate. You may then take the crystal with you for physical healing.
  • Introspection and Self-Love - Taking a break and remembering your accomplishments works better with an Apophyllite by your side. This crystal aids in the development of self-love, respect, and care. The ideal approach to employing Apophyllite for self-love is to create an indirect crystal elixir.

How Can You Use Chalcedony Apophyllite?

  • Use Apophyllite during your meditation sessions to establish a connection with your guardian angels and guides.
  • Whether worn as a necklace, keeping the stone near your heart area, or utilized in meditation, visualize the color green to facilitate the clearing and balancing of your heart chakra.

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