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Handmade Rose Quartz Ganesha Gemstone Natural Lord Statue


Product Details

Weight: 6.00 Kgs
Height: 29 CM
Length: 20 CM
Width: 9 CM

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The auspicious being of Lord Ganesha, crafted out of natural and authentic rose quartz, is beyond beautiful. We have recently launched this rose quartz Ganesha statue into our collection.

Lord Ganesha is worshiped before anything new in Hindu mythology. He is believed to bring prosperity, love, and luck to every new venture. The large elephant head of Lord Ganesha symbolizes wisdom, attention, and understanding in personal intellect.

You can even use this statue as a showpiece in your home decor, offices, or tabletops. It is even used during meditation to attract peace and good vibes. The powerful elephant head of Lord Ganesha brings calm and composure to your life.


  • The image is taken of the actual item per item.
  • The size is a guide small errors may occur.
  • Because it is a natural stone, there may be small chips, dents, distorted parts, and cracks.
  • We try to make the colors as natural as possible, but the colors displayed may differ depending on your display environment.

We provide best quality gemstones & quartz for making any kind of jewelry.

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